Difference in the BA courses offered by IIT-D & IIM-C


I went through the course content for both IIT-D & IIM-C. Looks like the IIT-D covers way many more topics than the IIM-C, but the time duration of the IIT-D course is almost half. Very strange. Would anybody know the reason why? I’m confused.


The courses are being run by two different institutes. The one at IIM-C is in partnership with Hughes, while the one at IIT-D is with Ivory.

Personally, it is always difficult to judge a course by looking at the content and duration. Best thing is to talk to people who have undergone the course in past and see their experience.

I am not sure whether the IIT-D course is being run regularly. Also, what is the difference in number of hours in classroom?



Thanks Kunal for the response. I don’t remember the exact classroom hours but IIM-C is more. Just curious to know how they could cover that many topics in such a short duration. I tried talking to a lot of folks around & I haven’t come across even a single person who has done the IIM-C course. I know people who have done the IIM-B some & they had awesome reviews about that course.