DL based Face recognition model

I am trying to develop an algorithm for face identification and that too distinguish between a real face and that in a photo/video. Exactly like the one on the biometric security devices. Can you guys guide me? I am fairly new to the world of CNNs and have working knowledge on ResNet and Inception models.

@topgunnine , I believe this is what you might be looking for

Liveness Detection with OpenCV

I have already been to this source, where the user uses OpenCV in Keras to do so. I was searching for a solution that is based on CNN and uses PyTorch framework.

@topgunnine , if you read the complete article, there is indeed an implementation of CNN, but in Tensorflow.
You could always write the equivalent code in PyTorch!

Sure, that’s the effort I’m going through now. Just that I’m new to these DL frameworks and hence was looking for some guided path. Thanks anyways.

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