Do freshers get placed as Data/Business Analyst.?



I’m in my final year of engineering degree in ECE. I have been learning data science for a while now. Placment policy of my college is such that those who accept offers must join the same company. We cannot apply for another company. This was the primary reason I did not register for TCS and Wipro. But know I’m having second thoughts. Is it really possible to get placed as a analyst being a fresher OFF Campus. I dont want to waste time sitting at home after graduation. And the fact that I did not register for 2 companies is making me uneasy. Should I register for some service sector campany as a backup? I’m pretty sure that by the time I graduate I will have enough skills that I can work as a analyst. But everytime I search for jobs for analyst position almost every company requires experience. This is making me restless. I need some suggestions.


Hi @kakashi

there is lot of positions for data science open in Accenture Bangalore, why not to try?

All the best.