Do Project management skills help in a career in Analytics?



Does it help to have knowledge of a generic skill like project management, program management etc along with specific Analytics skills like SAS, Python. Does this provide more job opportunities rather than having only analytic skills?


Hi Poornaram - It depends on what role you are looking for. If you wanted to be a Data Scientist - SAS or Python along with the statistical knowledge will help much more than the project management skills.

If you wanted to be Project manager in analytics- knowing SAS or Python would be an added advantage.


@karthe1 Hi Karthe… thank you…that helps. I am about 4 years experienced in the IT industry. Would it help to do a PMP (or CAPM) at this juncture .


Hi Poornaram, I am afraid that if I answer this question here, it may lead the thread to a career discussion pertaining to project management rather than date science.

I will wait for the moderator to respond. Based on his suggestion, I can help you.


This is best taken outside Analytics Vidhya Discuss - doesn’t help community here.