Domain related Analytics course


Hi All,

I am a MBA graduate (Kind of specialization - Marketing & Analytics) and working as BA in IT services.
i have completed Data science with R/SAS and Big data Hadoop courses.

My areas of interests are Retail,Marketing,Customer Relationship.

Would like to know the scope of doing a course specific to a domain like Retail Analytics, Marketing Analytics, CRM analytics?

What are the good certification courses available for Retail Analytics, Marketing Analytics, CRM analytics?

If anyone already did those kind of certifications, pls share ur inputs.


Just search a bit. I dont think there is a specific course that goes deep into either of the topics. Many courses like praxis, great lakes etc gives you a very high level oversight which u can learn on your own in corusera or youtube or simply taking a data set and doing RFM or market basket. Your core retail domain and the technique they used has not changed. They are still relevant. You may just try to add a layer of modelling over these standard time tested techniques to an extent.

Just look at what you want to learn and there are enough examples available to get deep into technique while learning the application of analytics on that domain.