Download Analytics and Big Data Salary Report 2016



The job of a Data Scientist is predicted to gain a notable status as many companies are realizing its importance in their day to day decisions. It is said to be the best job for 2016 based on its career opportunities and average salaries. This states that there is no better time to learn Data Science and Big Data to achieve heights.

This unique demand made us inquisitive to know all the facts in detail. Analytics Vidhya along with Jigsaw Academy interacted with many Data Scientists and analysed important trends in the industry.

We ended up in creating this report which features the Salary trends of the Indian analytics industry and is going to be a great help to make critical career decisions about the future. I am sure many would be more than happy to go through this very intriguing Analytics and Big Data Salary Report of 2016.

Here is the detailed report to download. DOWNLOAD HERE

Feel free to ask if any queries regarding this report.

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