Download cheat sheet for Data Visualization using R

Data Visualization using R

Here is an awesome cheat sheet for R lovers! Find the codes and the outcome for most common data visualization in PDF format.

Codes available for:

  1. Histogram
  2. Line Chart
  3. Bar Chart
  4. Box Plot
  5. Scatter Plot
  6. Hexbin Binning
  7. Mosaic Plot
  8. Heat Map
  9. Map Visualization
  10. 3D Graphs
  11. Correlogram

Download PDF Version ( You need to login to download )

Comprehensive Guide to Data Visualization_R.pdf (1016.1 KB)


This cheat sheet would be SOOOOOO much more useful if it was in the format of separate pages, instead of one looooonng page that won’t print! :frowning:


Good thought! We will get it done for you. Just give us some time :slight_smile:

Hi, dear Mr/Miss
I need guidance and pakage R to run my data. for spatial data analysis to estimate multivariate spatial autoregressive model now I progress my tesis. thanks ( cp me to : [email protected])

great resource for people attending interviews in the area of exploratory data analysis


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