Download - Free Tutorial to learn Data Science in R from Scratch




On users demand, I have uploaded the pdf version of Tutorial on Data Science in R. I hope this tutorial enhances and improve your R and Machine Learning skills.

To get maximum benefit, I’d suggest you to practice the codes side by side in R Studio. Do not read it like a text book. But, follow it as a lab tutorial and try to type codes at your end, instead of blatantly copying them. More you will type, more you will become familiar with code structure and R environment.

Do share your views / opinions on this tutorial. You need to create a user login to download this pdf. Enjoy!

DataScienceinR.pdf (906.2 KB)

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thaank you so much


Thank You


Welcome :slight_smile: @abhisheck786


Hi Manish

Thanks for this tutorial!!

Can you please make the dataset (Market Sale Prediction) specified in this tutorial available, so that we can practice while going through the material? I logged-in to Contest site and it says,‘The dataset is accessible only if the contest is active.’



Hi @socratesk

I am glad to know this is helping you!
At your request, the data set is live again for all.

You can now download the data set and see if you can rule the leaderboard :wink:


Hi Manish,

Thanks for making the datasets available! I appreciate your prompt action!



Thank you !


thank you so much


Hi Manish,

Thanks a great deal for the tutorial. Kindly assist me get access to the dataset (Market Sale Prediction) specified in
this tutorial. I logged-in to Contest site, it seems it not available again only discussion. I need some direction. Thanks.


Hi @fakinyem

Here is the data set you require:

Although, the link for this data set is already available in article. Keep Learning. :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot. It helps!


Hi @Manish
The download link is not working. Could you please have a look?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi @waith

The link issue is resolved now. You can download the tutorial now.
Inconvenience is regretted.

Let me know for further help!



Hi @Manish,

The PDF is not available and shows no file error.

Could you please check and re-load the file, if required or share the updated URL? Thanks.

Muthuraj. D


Hi @dmuthuraj

Please try downloading now. I’ve updated the link.

Hope the issue is resolved now.



Hi @Manish ,

Thanks. The link is now working.

Muthuraj. D


Hi @Manish

The link is not working again.