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Sir culd u pls provide the code for removing punctuation ,white space , stopwords and url…
i have twitterdata in csv formate. i have used the following code to read my csv file "mydata"
mydata = read.csv(“mydata.csv”)
how do i preprocess the data and pls provide code for training and testing the csv data file using c4.5 algorithm


Could any one please guide me How to start my learning to be a Data Scientist . Can I start with Statistical Learning ? or Machine Learning . I am Confused .


Hi @Anand_Srivastava

Here is the complete plan you should follow:


Hello Sir,

         Thanks for guiding me. Can you please recommend  some books.
         Is there any institute providing training on Data Science

Anand Srivastava

Anand kumar srivastava


Hi, you could refer the Trainings section for online and offline trainings. For the former, you should go through these blogs


Thank you so much


Thanks a lot to AV community for such as interesting and helpful blogs…


Thank you so much for this pdf. :slight_smile:


Hi Manish,

I am new to coding and data science enthusiast and starting my journey with R programming I tried to download the codes but could not, showed some error in the download manager. Kindly help if anybody has the codes.


Hi @kaushikkrsaikia, could you care to elaborate what do you mean by downloading the codes? As far as I know, you can find codes on github for R. Here’s the link✓


@ Manish
i cant able to download the dataset of Big mart sales practice problem for this tutorial, please let me know that where i will find the data, if anyone have this dataset one can mail me also my email id :


Hi @Kapz

Please try the following link and let me know in case you cannot download the dataset:



Oh thanks a lot fir that tutorial very useful. Could you upload the video tutorials as well if possible. thanks


@Manish Thank you so much


Thank you very much - exactly what I needed.


Great very informative for a beginner like me


Thanks just downloaded the tutorial handout, will be giving comments / insights as I learn more about R. Thanks!


hi sir,
i want to do forecasting for stock exchange by using neural networks and support vector machine by using rstudio for my M.phil thesis. but i do not know much about AI and SVM sir please help me, i really need your help. Thanks in advance.


Thank you