Download Full CheatSheet on Machine Learning Algorithms



Full CheatSheet on Machine Learning Algorithms in Python and R

You can download the PDF Version of this cheatsheet and keep it handy while working on data sets. This cheat sheet provides codes (Python and R) for 10 machine learning algorithms.

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MLCheatSheet.pdf (2.2 MB)


very helpful and handy material


Download link is broken. Please fix. Thanks.


The PYTHON code is much more commented than the R one. Makes the code look “bad” (i.e. more verbose) at first glance than it really is, in fact in some cases cases PYTHON is more compact than the R one :wink:



Just checked - the link works fine.

In case it still doesn’t work for you, let us know - we will get this emailed to you.



Works if you “login” Click the link after you post a comment.



Fair point, but the aim of the infographic was by no means to start a comparison here.



Very helpful. Thanks


The down load link is not working. Could you please check.


For some reason, the download works …after a comment is posted


Thanks for sharing.


thx for sharing, very helpful!~~


Nice try,


Thanks for sharing!


Thank for sharing.




download the PDF for learning related algorithms,THX!




Great tutorial about machine learning.thanks