Download Full CheatSheet on Machine Learning Algorithms



Signed up and then also I was not able to download PDF :’(


@manimao999 Please let me know the error you are facing. Everyone is able to download this infographic. I shall help you.


IMO is it quite stupid to force people login just to download the PDF. Even worse, PDF is just a wrapper around JPEG available on previous page…

You’d be better rework your info if you really work to contribute to data science community!



Thanks for sharing your opinion. We are using these resources to engage the community on the portal - the idea being that people contributing and taking part in community can benefit from these resources.

Yes, the PDF is a wrapper around JPEG available on last page - but is far more useful if you are serious to use the resource as a ready reference to write ML codes ( as the codes can be copy pasted from here).

If you find JPG useful and sufficient for your work, you don’t need to create a login and download the PDF. At no point, we ask people to download PDF by saying that it is enhanced version of the image. In case we have misled you in any form, it was definitely not the intent.

We hope that while people are on the portal, they will participate in a few discussions and the community benefits from it.





Trying to download…



Thank you a lot for answer on my critics. My point was help you make your resource better, in the first place.

Now some things I see not quite professional implementation of the site (well, at least for my cultural background).

First, if I click on PDF download link, I expect that I’ll either will see a file or a clear request to login. Now it is just an empty page, which looks as if the file is missing or the site is misconfigured. In most cases, your visitors will just go away.

Then, if one login to the site, the visitor is redirected to main page, and it is not easy to return to necessary page. Even then, it is necessary to reload page or place some other button to actually see version for registered users. I treat this as bug.

Finally, normally PDFs are for either printing - your is not optimized for this or for seeing as presentation. To understand that this cheatsheet actually has a text layer is far from evident. I’d recommend to reformat this for PDF.

And one more recommendation: code snippets are much better if syntax highlighting is on :wink:




The Link doesn’t work


thanks a lot!


many thanks


thanks for sharing… trying to download it.


thanks. will be better if a classification data set is chosen and compared across the listed classification algorithms given in the cheat sheet with implentation details.


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Nice doc!






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Great job done team,this is very helpful for folks who wants to learn new tools