Download HD Infographic - 27 Essential Data Science Books



What’s your favorite medium for learning data science?

Mine is, and always has been, books. As I mentioned in this article, there is a magic and allure to books that I have never found in any other medium of learning. I have penned down 27 books, categorized by their domain (ML, DL, Computer Vision, AI, NLP, etc.), and you can download a high resolution PDF of the same from here.

Keep checking off the books as you run down the list. How many of these have you read already?

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Hi Pranav,

Thanks very much for sharing this.
It is very helpful for all datascience enthusiasts.
Also if you have any ebooks in pdf/kindle format. Please share across.



Thanks for sharing this list of books that everyday data scientists can read. My favorite medium for learning data science has been online though. I found these 18 resources to learn Data science online.


You can download almost all the books by visiting