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Ultimate Hiring Path for Data Scientists

Often, it has been noticed that even after tenacious efforts, candidates aren't able to clear interview rounds in reputed companies for data scientist profile. This leaves candidates shattered and hopeless.What better can they do to grab the job of a data scientist ?

Trust me, there’s a lot which can be done. Instead of reveling the secrets one by one, we preferred to structure them in a guide to provide you the maximum benefit. Just like, Sara story!

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Data Science Hiring Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)



Unable to download PDF,getting error opening document.please re-upload the document


The download link is broken… Couldn’t download the pdf… Someone pls help


Guys, Login n download.


Facing the same error. Unable to download even after logging in!



I have resolved this issue. Now you should be able to download it. If you still face this problem, let me know.



You have to login to be able to download


Once you click the link to reach this page, you have to make sure you’re logged in again. I had to click “Log In” once I jumped to this page.


Data Science Hiring Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)


now download this file what i have uploaded


Data Science Hiring Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)


I got it to download


Thanks Manish. Download link works.


sorry, I’m not able to download the guide.
I’ve tried also the two links below but the response is still same: a white page.
Could you help me?


Still not able to download


@genirajeev Can you check once again ? I am sure you wouldn’t face any trouble this time.

P.S - Please make sure that you have login successfully prior to attempting to download.

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I am unable to download this PDF as i get only a blank white page though i have logged in to my account prior to download this pdf


@balajimadhav Could you please log out and login again, then try downloading it. I’m sure due to unsuccessful login you have faced this issue. However, if it still persists, let me know. I shall email this guide to you.



ha, thank you!

First I was unable to download but then I realized that I still not login :smiley: