Download Hiring Path to get yourself hired as a Data Scientist



Thanks Manish…I could download it today.


even after log in…its not downloading.


I downlaoded the PDF but it is not opening. Its saying damaged file unable to open.


thanks for the updated link


Cant be explained in a better way. I was confused as to what to do, where to start. This article definitely helps me ! Thanks a ton.


Thanks for sharing the document.


Could not download the file. Error showing" page cannot be found". Can some one share the doc in drive or any other sorce



It works for me. Could you try again?


download links broken.


does work in mobile . worked in pc.


@jalFaizy : Now its working. Thanks.


I am not able to open the pdf in any browser, it says file could not be found


I have logged in , still download link is not working.
Please share a working link.


Please share working link. Am unable to download


Not able to download. Can you please fix the link?


It gets downloaded after logging in… Thank you… :slight_smile:


Im getting this message: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


Missing PDF file.


Hi, here is the guide: Data Science Hiring Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)