Download New Year Resolutions Checklist 2016



New Year Resolutions Checklist 2016


To ensure you don’t fail on your resolutions, you can download the checklist and keep a track of your progress during the year.

You can once again refer to resolutions here: Special New Year Resolutions for a Data Scientist

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Checklist.pdf (101.3 KB)


@Manish: Nice checklist :slightly_smiling: Currently in Intermediate mode :smiley:


Awesome work! Keep posting


Well, I already started the intermediate process sometime back, now it’s a matter of sustaining through the next few months.

EDIT: But if @aayushmnit says he’s in Intermediate mode, then I must probably be somewhere in the Beginner-Intermediate limbo. :smiley:


I’m a new beginner and glad to find the website for learning data science.


If possible, can you put this checklist on again?
I want to download it.


Hi @Penny

The checklist is available for download again. Enjoy!



Now I’m start learning python.
Data scientist is a new area for me, really interesting!


Thanks for your advice.

I can’t download the checklist. Is something wrong?


Hi @larryho

I’ve resolved the issue. You can download it now.