Download the complete list of powerful R Libraries for Data Analysis



Complete List of Powerful R Libraries for Data Analysis

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There are numerous libraries in R which remain unnoticed but prove to be very powerful if brought to use. Here is a complete list of all the R Libraries categorized according to various stages of modeling process.

The complete modeling process is divided into three stages: Pre-Modeling, Modeling and Post-Modeling. This guide features a comprehensive list of the libraries used at these stages.

Note: This list was originally contributed by Sri Krishna (Our apprentice)

R libraries.pdf (731.4 KB)

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Perhaps, the MICE package could be included in “MISSING VALUE IMPUTATION” section.


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Run this code to install all the packages in R. Now the code consists of only the libraries in the image. Will copy the other library soon.

##This will detect and install missing packages before loading them - hopefully! :smile:

list.of.packages <- c("dplyr", "plyr", "data.table", "MissForest", "MissMDA",
                    "Outliers", "EVIR", "Features", "RRF", "FactorMiner", "CCP",
                    "ggplot2", "googkleVis", "Rcharts", "car", "randomforest",
                    "Rminer", "CoreLearn", "caret", "BigRF", "CBA", 
                    "RankCluster", "forecat", "LTSA", "survival", "Basta",
                    "LSMean", "Comparison", "RegTest", "ACD", "BinomTools", 
                    "DAIM", "ClustEval", "SigClust", "PROC", "TimeROC", "Rcpp",
                    "parallel", "xml", "httr", "rjson", "jasonlite", "shiny",
                    "Rmarkdown", "tm", "OpenNLP", "sqldf", "RODBC", "rmonogodb")
new.packages <- list.of.packages[!(list.of.packages 
                    %in% installed.packages()[,"Package"])]
if(length(new.packages)) install.packages(new.packages)


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