Download the complete list of powerful R Libraries for Data Analysis



Hı Manish.
İ cannot download The pdf file.İt is Not be opened.Are three an solution??



Hi @volcano @sheegor @sandy5.arora @ved @Kamasanirajesh @ganeshbabu346

I see no further problem in downloading this cheatsheet. I just tried downloading it and did it successfully.
I would request you to try downloading once again, if there is still a problem, just share the error screenshot with me. I’ll try to get it resolved asap.



Not able to download the pdf. Here is a screenshot for the error. It basically says too many redirects.

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Great Document

Thank you :slight_smile:



I am not able to download the r packages pdf,Can you please look into the issue


Unable to download the pdf. Please fix the same.


It isn’t working again. Please refix again :frowning:


Cannot download. I am logged in Tried Chrome and Edge. Cleared cookies. Still cannot download. IS this resource still available


I am not able to download the attachment. Please fix the issue.


not able to download. please help


Hi please can you email it to me?
Having problem downloading it


I am unable to download the complete list of R libraries. Please share some documents regarding R-packages.


Hi @sherlykk, as it is mentioned “You need to login in order to download the list”.

Can you try clicking on the link again?


Just start my first lesson in R and thank you for the sharing