Effects of hot weather on human health



Hello how can i predict hot weather effects on human heath (skin diseases )…will u plz suggest me which algorithm will b best for prediction with source code in R…as i have data sets of weather and skin diseases …plz help out


Hey Abdul,

Based on the problem, it seems that your data would be quantitative in nature. And as you are trying to study the behavior of hot weather effects (predictor) on human health (dependent), multiple linear regression should be a good approach.

If, however, your data is qualitative in nature, you might want to consider a decision tree or Naive Bayes Classification. (if you are interested in classification that is)

I hope this helps.


Thank you vary much for your valuable suggestion …

yeah what u said is true …that was good explanation Nishant sir …can i
use ANN model for that problem and what extent it more suitable to predict
my requirement



Sorry Abdul but I don’t have much knowledge about ANN at the moment so I am not the right person to comment w.r.t. this.