Effort Estimations in R


Hi All,

I was trying to understand the effort estimation that can be worked for a particular Analytics kind of project.
What are the complexity factor that needs to be taken care in deriving any estimation.

Usually its based on Simple , medium and Complex categories.

Can any one share thoughts on deriving effort estimate ?
Is it possible for anyone to share any effort estimation templates if its handy enough.

Initially I would be interested to understand the estimations for R.

Thank you


@Vishwanath_SMG- Please have to look to this article I find it very useful according to your problem .


Hope this helps!




Thank you for sharing the link.

I need to plan the efforts in man days for the deliverable.

The project scope is ETL data load, Hadoop data loads and Visualization.
Also there is scope of analytics. How complex or how easy analytics scope is, is something I am not aware of.at this moment of time.

So, Typically I was looking to arrive at the effort estimates for any kind of work scope to be executed in R.

Thank you,