Energy consumption and temperature


I have 2 datasets - one with an energy consumption on 15 minutes basis for a week and another dataset with temperature data on hourly basis for a week…

We can build a linear model with energy and temperature data.

But how we can manipulate the hourly and minutes in two different dataset?

Simple solution is to compare both as 24 hours and consider energy and temp data for an hour.

My biggest doubt is about the autocorrelation assumptionwhile considering time variable to consider in this case?


One thing you can do.You have energy consumption data on 15 mins and temperature on hourly basis. So,let’s take a max of 4 interval of consumption data.(you have 4 consumption data for an hour) ,now again take the minimum of it and finally take the sum of it. So,u can get a data like these: max_consumption_hourly,min_consumption_hourly,sum_consumption_hourly.Let’s try to build a model with these variables and retain those which will fit the best!