Entry into an Analytics career



Hi Team,

I discovered machine learning a year back and have been thinking of making it into a full time career.

One option is to start a predictive analytics/statistics masters, possibly online. The current choices are Northwestern, Colorado State, Penn State and University College of Dublin.

Another option I am thinking about is to get the certificate in Data Analytics from Statistics.com and follow it up with an Executive MBA.

However, I would be 36 by the time I finish a masters and would like to start immediately; maybe even get related a job. Currently, I reside at Muscat, Oman and have 9+ years of experience in Information Technology (IT) consulting, support and as a project tech lead.

I am looking for some assistance and hope that I have not come to the wrong place.



I think the answer lies in understanding how you want to evolve your career. If you want to become a hands on data scientist, you spends a lot of time working on problem hands on, researches on patterns hidden in data, then the first option of doing online courses from universities like NorthWestern / Penn State would be preferred over taking certification and then following it up with Exec MBA.

On the other hand, if you want to get into a strategy role to lead team of analysts to help business - you might be better off doing an Exec MBA from one of the best universtitiesin the U.S.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your answer Kunal.

Well I would like to get more into the data scientist role. But I am kinda worried that my age will become a barrier. Plus the recognition afforded to online programs, even if from Penn State/Northwestern/Berkeley, might be a concern. These are my fear factors! :smile: