Error in Final Submission of Code and CSV file



I am not able to upload my completed R code and the final submission document. I get an error message stating "Please check if your submission file has the correct headers".
My File name for R “Loan_Prediction_Final _Code” and the final csv document is " Sample_Submission.".
Can some one please help me on this.


Hi rakshithp,

Typically we face these issues when we directly generate file from R / Python code. there is always possibility some spaces or tab spaces get introduced when creating this. I would recommend, use the original header from sample submission. or just copy paste your responses in sample submission excel.
Other possibility is not all values expected in response might be there, either no of rows is less or some have null values
do cross check them, this might be some small space or tab limited issue… If you try above, you should resolve, if they still persist, copy ur header in query…

All the best for your submision



Thanks Rajesh, I made the columns names to appear as it looks in the submission file provided and was able to submit the files. But, lately realized I can improve my accuracy, but i already did the final submission. Is it the end of road for this case study from my end? Or can i upload new code with different accuracy ? Please suggest. Many thanks for your help.


of course u can submit as many time as you may until the dead line… do optimize the model and submit again


I am getting this error while running the test file. Can anyone help?

An error occured in the following command:

lvls <- levels(as.factor(crs$dataset[[crs$target]]))
crs$pr <- factor(ifelse(predict(crs$ada, crs$testset[,c(crs$input),drop=FALSE]) > 0.5,
lvls[2], lvls[1])).

The error message was:

Error in eval(predvars, data, env) : object ‘Loan_Status’ not found

If this is a bug please contact

Please supply the output of rattleInfo() and the steps required to replicate the problem.

Rattle 5.0.19


Loan_Status is the target variable column hence it won’t be present in the test file. As the error says 'Loan_Status’ not found


Use your predicted model from train set on your test set data . it should work.


I am having same problem here… Although I have tried copy , paste still getting error. Can anyone help me out??