Error in Rose Package R



Hi all,

I have been facing the following error when using the ROSE package on a dataset of my own, the error is as follows:

“Error in rose.sampl(n, N, p, ind.majo, majoY, ind.mino, minoY, y, classy, :
The current implementation of ROSE handles only continuous and categorical variables.”

Any clue besides the obvious why i would be getting this error even if my dependent is as in the example of the tutorial and my independent variables are continuous? Am i missing out something else?

In addition if we have an ID variable , how does that get handed in the sampling

Kind regards and thank you in advance


Hi @arko81,

As per the docs of ROSE package, “variables: must be numeric, integer or factor”.

Could you share the link of tutorial you are referring to?[quote=“arko81, post:1, topic:8451”]
example of the tutorial