Evaluation Score - Date your Data Contest




Is the Evaluation AUC Score for “Date your data” contest on the entire TEST dataset or a partial set of the TEST Dataset?
If yes, what is the split?


The split is 20% public, 80% private


what is your local cv score…??? I am facing very much difference between local and public score.


Same here. There is a significant difference between the Public Leaderboard score and the Local CV Score.
May be the PL Validation Set has not been properly stratified.

Expecting the final scores to be much different.


Yes you are right. my local score is like .88. What is your’s


Exactly the same.


Thanks for replying… :slight_smile:


Dear @dsai_500 / @kunal ,
I would suggest that the split between the Private and Public Leaderboard should be clearly mentioned in the Contest details page itself for the upcoming contests. This will save a lot of time.

It also says that the Code has to be submitted while selecting the Final Submission File which is not true.
This should also be corrected.