Excel requirement for data science



can anybody tell me what excel knowledge should a data science aspirants should have?? and which is best source to learn excel.


You can check this link to get an overview of what excel knowledge a data scientist must have. There are many online courses available through which you can learn excel. You can check the course by analytics vidhya on internshala to get the basic as well as advanced knowledge of excel.


Greetings !

First of all, I don’t consider Excel to be a requirement for data science. however you can work on below to have a good understanding of it.

  1. PIVOT table
  2. Importing data from different Source
  3. Import data directly from DBMS
  4. Complex Formula (V lookup, H lookup , Index , if , iserror)
  5. Creating a Dashboard
  6. Formatting data set
  7. Conditional formatting
  8. Creating and Recording Macros (This require VBA Programming skills but makes life easy)
  9. Protecting Workbook and Worksheet.

here is YouTube link. it covers most of them.


Hi @jayad

If you speak about large scale ML / data science, Excel would not be of much help there. But, as a data science professional - you will also be working on relatively small datasets and specific business problems.

For these, Excel usually turns out to be very handy and a good tool for doing exploratory analysis. Especially, the drag and drop functionality of Pivot Tables is great while you are exploring your dataset.

So, I would think that as a skillset Excel is something every data scientist should no. Is it mandatory to become a data scientist - probably not.



Consider excel courses from Chris Dutton on Udemy. They build knowledge towards data visualisation and good base for moving towards Power BI tool learning.