Except Kaggle and Github, where else can I find open to public health related datasets?

Hi there,

I am really getting desperate so my apologies if my question is not good.

I am doing an AI project and I need a dataset of breast cancer patients and/or survivors that mostly has quality of life features and some demographic and some high level medical features.
The features that I am looking for are things like age, place of living (urban/rural), number of dependents, marital status, employment status, first diagnosis or recurrence, metastatic or not, treatments (mastectomy, chemo, radiation, hormone therapy,…), If they are experiencing financial hardship, levels of daily activities, If they are seeing a mental health professional, if they have paid caregiver or unpaid caregiver, and so on. As I said questions that can distinguish people based on social factors and quality of life.

Does anyone know where I can find a dataset with at least 200 subjects with such features? All the breast cancer datasets that I have found are mainly medical.


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