Executive Program in Business Analytics offered by Jigsaw Academy in collaboration with MISB Bocconi University



Dear all,

I recently came to know about Executive Program in Business Analytics offered by Jigsaw Academy in collaboration with MISB Bocconi University. I wanted your opinion on how it compares with the ISB course. here is the link: http://jigsawacademy.com/bocconi-business-analytics-program-mumbai/

Please advise if this can be preferred over the ISB course for my profile, as I’m MBA Finance and ICWAI, working as Finance Manager with a IT company with 11 years of experience in core finance domain.

Most important criteria for me would be employability in the industry for managerial level positions in Business Analytics space.

Thanks, Gopal

Which course is better for making a career shift to analytics?


It is very early days to comment on the course based of actual data. Here is my perspective based on what I have seen / read / talked to people in industry:

A few facts to keep in mind:

  • SDA Bocconi is one of the top 5 (may be top 10) universities in Europe, mainly known for their 1 year executive MBA.
  • MISB is an off-shore presence of Bocconi University based in Mumbai.
  • Jigsaw Academy has been providing analytics trainings in India for last few years and is definitely one of the better niche training institutes.

My Views about this course (without comparison):

  • Even though Bocconi University is well known, I am not sure MISB Bocconi is. I heard about MISB for the first time, when I heard about this course. If I have not heard about it, there is a good chance that many people in industry would not have as well.

  • Faculty profile: I have gone through the faculty profile and the profile looks good. If the entire course is indeed taken by people mentioned, it might be a good course.

Verdict in comparison to ISB:

I would say that the course from MISB is a good option to consider, but I wouldn’t rate it over the course from ISB. In the end it boils down to that fact whether you can take some risk for the cost savings MISB has to offer.

There is some uncertainty about how the course will pan out and how much industry recognition would MISB garner (remember there are limited number of Bocconi alums in India). But the content and the team looks promising. They have priced the course sweetly as well. However, the brand recognition of ISB is difficult to beat and it is already 2 - 3 years ahead of MISB in the game.

If you can afford it, go for the safer option of ISB and be rest assured that you took the best course available. If you have cost constraints, Bocconi is worth considering.

P.S. I am trying to do some more research on the subject to help people with queries on the subject. If I get enough information, I might do a dedicated review of the course at a later date.

Hope this helps



I would completely second @kunal Kunal here. I was at a similar stage last year when I had call from ISB and one more institutes offering analytics course at half the cost.

I chose the second option while one of my friend chose ISB. Today, he is far better placed for the transition than what I am. Not only he has learnt more, but he gets a lot of opportunity to interact with people in industry.

If I would have to re-take the decision today, it would be ISB. If my wisdom helps, just choose ISB.


Thanks so much for your timely feedback guys…It was quite useful.


Hi, from where did u completed your course then ?


Any update on this course from MISB Bocconi, want to know about it. I am interested in online MBA program on Business Analytics.