Experiments With Data - Analytics Workshop for Beginners



Experiments with Data is going to be a very intriguing and informative workshop for beginners. This ONLINE workshop is best suited for data practitioners who want to sharpen their skills in anything related to analytics. During this workshop you will also get to solve a practice problem to apply all the skills you will learn during this course.


Here is the agenda in brief:
• Introduction to business analytics
• Model building stages
• Model building steps (Hands on experience on a practice problem)
• Resources

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information in the emerging field of analytics and Big Data.

Those who are a part of this workshop can post all their queries and concerns in this thread.
Let’s make full use of these very occupying videos.


Thanks for sharing agenda @Sukanya

Would like to know the timing for the session.


Hi Raj. This workshop will go live tonight after 12 and will be available for viewing till 1st May 2016.


Hi, The resume workshop button returns to the same page. Not able to join the workshop. Please assist.


same here unable to join


Hi @p12rahulp @atvprash, its resolved now. Please check again.



Could you explain what is dashboarding? Is it the same as data visualization?


Thanks its working


Extremely well presented concepts :slight_smile:
Yet to try the practical sessions but the first session was short, sweet and simple to follow.
Apart from this, I would also like to know how to design CV for beginners as the companies require the candidates to have minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience when applying.
Plus, please mention what can be learnt in future after completing and mastering these tutorials.


@jalFaizy…If data can be viewed or analyzed in graphical way then it is termed as Dashboard.

In simple terms, graphical visualization of data is Dashboard.

@All, Correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks for this wonderful workshop. It is very useful and concepts are cleared in a very interesting manner. I have a query regarding the dataset provided for the hands on experience. I am not getting any missing values in the sheet. Thanks


Not able to join slack live chat can anyone plz help me out



Could anyone help me to understand how the pivot table created (with what values, test or train data, what type of % used from Show Value as option in the pivot and so on…) as shown in the Predictive Modeling page in this workshop? I have tried with several options but getting different numbers than what is being shown in the image. Thanks.




Found how was that calculation made. Might be helpful for others who looking for this.

  1. Add a new variable with 0 and 1 as instructed , 2. Create the pivot table with that new variable as values, 3. Change the calculation as “Average” and convert the values to Percentage.



I Submitted csv file into the submission, it shows score too, but it didn’t show in public LB, can you pls solve this issue
name: rathinavel26




I guess, there is a mismatch in NA values in the train dataset used for the analysis explained and actually shared. Please correct me if I am wrong.

In the following lesson,

Experiments With Data - Analytics Workshop for Beginners > Model Building Steps ® > Missing value treatment

We are trying to check the number of missing values using table(is.na(train)) and colSums(is.na(train)). When these commands run in R, it returned just FALSE values which does not match with the numbers shown. It could be due to, there are only BLANK values in the train data and not NA values. And, I tried this by changing the blank values to NA in the train data, but it is not working either. Can some one please help? Am I missing to load any library? Thanks


Can you please explain how will you calculate
"What is the percentage of males which have income <= 50K ?" in Multivariate Analysis
because I calculated as “ct2.to_json()” and it shows 69.4 but it says correct answer is “46.5”.



The workshop page isn’t working. It says some problem occurred…:frowning:


hello can any one tell me that how to use the test file, sample file which is available in Problem Definition 1. Like till now there is no such instruction in the previous session video?


getting 0 (zero) score?
Can anybody confirm