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Hi Team,

I am doing Experiments with Data workshop using R, But when i give the the following command to display missing values


I am getting an error which do not display any missing values,even though there are missing values. Please suggest what is wrong here


Try - is.na(df)

and Use MICE Package for better prospect


Are you sure that there are missing values?
I cannot see any… Seems that the available o download datasets are not the correct ones.
(Also the persentage of men in <50k income group is different with respect to the provided answer.


@chaituchaitanya28 You can use any one of the below mentioned method to find the missing value

sapply(dataframe,function(x) sum(is.na(x))


Hi @chaituchaitanya28

It is a duplicate question. This question has already been answered. Please search your question before posting a new one. Your answer: Experiments with Data Workshop doubts



@HUNAIDKHAN2000 Good Job