Extracting Number of comments




How to Extracting Number of comments in Web Scraping in Python using Scrapy (with multiple examples)
I use “response.css(”.tagline.flat_list buttons.first").extract_first()" , but doesn’t show any single comment.

Please tell me how to extract the comment?

Aarti Gadewar


Hi @aarti21

Sure. We are here to help. Can you please let us know the html structure of the page (or perhaps the link) and your complete code. Its really hard to assist web scrapping with given information. Thanks!


In that link, i had run whole coding ind it was worked properly. You given one task for us like extract the comments from selected website( your selected website is game of throne). In that i wants to know how to extract the comments.


How to exit from scrapy shell? Please give me the structure of this


response.xpath(’//li[@class = “first”]/a/text()’).extract()