Extracting the best fitted DecisionTreeClassifier after Grid Search



I have implemented grid search to find the best decision tree that could be fitted to my training data using the following code :

parameters={'min_samples_split' : range(10,500,20),'max_depth': range(1,20,2)}

After the grid search the best parameters were :
{'max_depth': 17, 'min_samples_split': 30}

Now I want to print the tree that was finally fitted to the training data set using the function :

def printTree(clf_tree):
    ---from sklearn import tree
    ---from sklearn.externals.six import StringIO  
    ---import pydot 
    ---dot_data = StringIO() 
    ---tree.export_graphviz(clf_tree, out_file=dot_data) 
    ---graph = pydot.graph_from_dot_data(dot_data.getvalue()) 
    ---from IPython.display import Image
    ---import os
    ---return Image(filename=os.getcwd()+'/tree.png')

The input required for the function is the decision tree object, Is there any way to extract the best fitted DecisionTreeClassifier from it? I am aware of creating a new decision tree object with the best parameters, so please suggest a way other than this.

Thanks in advance


Use clf.predict(test_y)

As gridsearchcv automatically build the final model using the best / optimized parameter.
So, when you use the predict method. It will consider the model which is built up on best parameter.