Facing problem in access the workshop


can anyone help me …

I am not able to read the topics listed in workshop, whenever I click on any topic it just reload the page…:frowning:


Hi @pankajchauhan.687, please check again. Its resolved now.


yah I forgot to update its working fine Thanks BTW its not taking any submission for answer though.


We were facing some problem with the process. It is working properly now.
It is now taking the submissions properly and also you can check the playground (where workshop is being served)

We are sorry for the inconvenience


Thanks pulkit …:slight_smile:

Its working now.


can any one help me to find missing value I coundn’t find any.


HI buddy ,

it seems you have finished it.

I am facing a little problemwith the dataset I am having doesn’t have any missing value can you help me.
if you have the correct dataset than please mail me at pankajchauhan.687@gmail.com