Facing Problem in submission in Big Mart Practice DataSet


I am facing problem. while uploading CSV file to solution checker. It is showing that please check header. but my header of the dataset is exact same as error warning. Any suggestions?


Did you put the header in inverted commas? If the problem stays upload your csv here.


submission.csv (143.7 KB)


solution.csv (143.7 KB)


Link is blank.


There may be a problem with server because I am on company’s server and may be I can’t upload any document. That’s why link is blank. Thanks I will check it later.
Thanks for help.


@Deepak_Singhal I downloaded the sample submissions file and saw that the headers were different from what were mentioned in your CSV file. Please verify again.


“Train_UWu5bXk.csv”, “Test_u94Q5KV.csv” files where i can download these files to train and test data set in the http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2016/02/complete-tutorial-learn-data-science-scratch/ web page example