Facing Problem in submission in Big Mart Practice DataSet



I am facing problem. while uploading CSV file to solution checker. It is showing that please check header. but my header of the dataset is exact same as error warning. Any suggestions?


Did you put the header in inverted commas? If the problem stays upload your csv here.


submission.csv (143.7 KB)


solution.csv (143.7 KB)


Link is blank.


There may be a problem with server because I am on company’s server and may be I can’t upload any document. That’s why link is blank. Thanks I will check it later.
Thanks for help.


@Deepak_Singhal I downloaded the sample submissions file and saw that the headers were different from what were mentioned in your CSV file. Please verify again.


“Train_UWu5bXk.csv”, “Test_u94Q5KV.csv” files where i can download these files to train and test data set in the http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2016/02/complete-tutorial-learn-data-science-scratch/ web page example



I’m getting this error on submission.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?


Hi @aadil03

please share a screenshot (the first few rows) of the file you are submitting



Here it is


Even after putting headers in inverted commas same error is coming.


Please share your submission file with me. I will dm you my email id.


Hi Aishwarya,

Here is file

my_submit.csv (164 KB)


Hi @aadil03,

The format of Item_Outlet_Sales is not proper. It contains the serial number and the sales amount. However, it should only contain the sales amount. Can you please share the code that you have used to make the predictions and save them to csv format? That might help us to clarify your doubt in a better way.


Hi @aadil03,

Your file looks like this:

Item_Identifier Outlet_Identifier Item_Outlet_Sales
FDW58 OUT049 0 1655.438
FDW14 OUT017 1 1365.554
NCN55 OUT010 2 598.388
FDQ58 OUT017 3 2341.174
FDY38 OUT027 4 6116.378
FDH56 OUT046 5 1813.895
FDL48 OUT018 6 723.888
FDC48 OUT027 7 1972.824
FDN33 OUT045 8 1593.163
FDA36 OUT017 9 3107.314
FDT44 OUT017 10 1849.495

Along with the outlet sales, you have index values present. In order to save the predictions, you can refer to the last section of the following course :

For R:

For Python(the course is for loan prediction but you can follow the steps to save the predictions from this) :

If you are unable to understand the steps to save predictions in csv file, let us know.


Thanks a ton Aishwarya, issue has been resolved :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I got error like this. help me please…



Hi @giegie,

Could you share the submission file with me? I sent you my email ID.


Hi @AishwaryaSingh,

Have a look at it, as i sent.