Feature Request: Mark Individual Threads as Read


In the past week or so I haven’t been visiting this site as I often as I used to, and when I do come here as time permits, I find a LOT of threads waiting to be read. On the one hand, it’s good news: DAV is getting a lot of traffic :slight_smile: ; but on the other lots of scrolling for me :frowning: . If the admin could add something like a checkbox next to each thread, so that one can select a subset of threads to be marked as read while maintaining a trimmed down to-read list, it would be wonderful.



You asked for it!

Here is what you need to do - go to topic listing. There will be an icon near to topic, click on that. This will enable toggle boxes.

Next select the topics you want to mark as read / unread. As soon as you select one topic, you will see a spanner on the right hand corner of your screen, which should give you an option to mark read.

Hope this helps.



@kunal, thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I’m not able to find any icon next to the topics. I have tried all the different views - New(##), separate category, Latest, Top.


Click on the icon in red circle


Hm… I only see the text ‘Topic’ at that location, no icon next to it. Not clickable either. Just to make sure, I tried it in both Firefox and Chrome (with and without script/ad-blocking extensions).