Feedback required on Aegis Business Analytics Program



Aegis is offering a Business Analytics course (Post Graduate program in Business Analytics & Big Data) in partnership with IBM.
Wanted your specific inputs on
1>the quality of teaching at Aegis
2> how attuned is it to the market requirement?
3> how does the market perceive its output (job prospects)?
4> How strong is IBM in the Analytics space? What is its market share globally and India specifically and future outlook on IBM technologies…

Would you advise that people take up this course?


Hello Kunal

Aegis school of business is also offering EPGP in business analytics and big data. How would you rate this programme?

Thank you

I am planning to pursue my PGP from Aegis school of telecommunication ( Hybrid modle).
Please suggest if this is good.

My expectations are:

1: good understanding of data analytics with practical knowledge of tools.
2: placement assistance


Whats your background? It would be better if you share what your profile is, what you want to take out of the program and then ask the question.

For the above question - The simple answer is any education will help. So add more details



Mechanical engineer
3 years of work exp into production and instrumentation.
No prior knowledge of programming and less use of statistics in my domain so far.

Career shift and Growth.
Better and in depth knowledge of analytics and big data.

Is Aegis a good option?