Final year project suggestions



hey guys i am big fan of this forum and frequently visit this site to get some brain food but today i want some suggestions . i am final year bcse student and i need to come up with some datascience related idea as i want to pursue a datascience career in the future , guys i want to make some kind of web applications which uses data science at the backend please give me some ideas
danish mehmood


My suggestions are

  1. Recommender System - product or educational course recommendations
  2. Predictive modeling using data available from (like next location where high crime may occur, or healthcare related)

Better choose one problem where data is readily available that saves you lot of time.

R with Shiny for web app
Python with flask for web app


thankyou very much sir for your help sir i really appreciate it sir and i will surely explore these topics

please keep me posted on new ideas as well


danish mehmood


one more thing can you please give me some resources for learning recommendation engines