Fine Tuned Code



Hi guys,
I just submitted my first code for a competition and I’m currently less focused on my rank than writing a clean, professional code as this is probably the first step I need to master before trying to submit new solutions.

I’ve uploaded my notebook here:

My question is: could you please recommend anything (python functions, taxonomy, tips etc.) that could make my code more scalable, more professional?

I’m not asking for new advice in terms of data processing or algorithms to apply, just tips about how you would have written the same code after years of practice in Data Science.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi all,
Ive just joined here , and was wondering how to get loans dataset, coz we ar pretty struggling to find it!
what Im sugsting here if any one already have the dataset share it with the rest (New joiners) to ble to work on it , would be much appreciated guys!

thanks alot for your help