For R Users: Download cheat sheet on Data Exploration (11 Steps)

Only for R Users: Download Cheat Sheet on Data Exploration

Hello R Users,

A lot of people wonder about the process of building impeccable predictive models. The process is quite simple, as long as, you master the concepts of data exploration.

Data Exploration helps you to gain knowledge about data and reveals the hidden but significant insights.
Here’s your cheat sheet to be used as reference while building your next model.

Mastering data exploration is one of the few first steps taught to beginners in R. Hence, this guide to best suited for beginners looking to upgrade their knowledge of predictive modeling.

[Data Exploration.pdf](upload://hCaDw0GjuGzH778SPHbdtwBeDTH.pdf) (174.6 KB) [Login to Download]


hello,could you give me your data that is used in this article?

This is the second useful-looking cheat-sheet that I have tried to download from your site that turned out to be completely useless to me, because the pdf file is in the form of one very looooooong page that won’t print properly. Yes, some of us old dinosaurs still like to print reference material because we are not always online 24-7!! Can you please format the pdf versions of your cheat sheets into pages that fit on an 8*11" sheet of paper? THANK YOU!!

Nice, thanks!


Thanks for the feedback. We will ensure, we don’t disappoint you next time!


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i second that! great cheat sheet but format is not user friendly.

Great information. Thanks for the cheat sheet.

I’m not able to download the file. Can you check if all is fine ?
If possible, please send an email.


Works fine…can you check again?


Hi Everyone,

I found one cheat sheet which is far better than this one. I hope you people will enjoy this for sure, please go through the link and help yourself.

Just go to the side heading called “cheat sheets for R”

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Thank you very much

The download link doesn’t work. please check, thanks.

I could not download the pdf too.

Here, refer this article -

You’ll find it in the second section (4th point)

Cheat sheet – 11 Steps for Data Exploration in R (with codes)

the link to the pdf is not actionable

no use of login, cant download pdf file