Formula to match data with multiple options and extract highest value each time

Having trouble with some data I am trying to organise for a personal project.

My reference master data is 10 digits long and my incoming data is only partially complete at 8 digits long, however the 8 digits are the same as the first 8 digits as the 10 digit data set.

A number of the 8 digit values could have more than one match in the 10 digit data set but my aim is to match it to the highest value and extract this next to my 8 digit values

Is there a formula possible for this or what would be the best way to go about this?

This is an example of how my data should look, is it possible ?

Master 10 8 digit incomplete extracted max value
6403999810 64039998 Nil
6403999890 64039998 6403999890
6404110000 64041100 6404110000
6404191000 64041910 6404191000
6404199000 64041990 6404199000
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