Gaining experience in analytics?



Hi All,
I am a newbie to Analytics…I have done training in SAS,SPSS,Excel VBA and Analytics using SAS. Now learning Tableau on my own. Now moving to another project within my company where I will get to work on analytics.
My question is:

  1. My company does not have SAS or Tableau. So I will be initially working on analytics using Excel.
    But companies are asking for experience in SAS, Tableau, etc. How to gain experience in these tools?
  2. My experience in interviews shows that most companies do not insist on certification. So will certification really help?


Here are your answers:

  1. Both SAS and Tableau offer a University / Public edition. SAS University edition would have its own limitations, but still can be used for gaining experience. Tableau Public has all the features, but the data would be kept in the open. You can also download a 14 day trial of Tableau for free.

  2. certification would definitely help you learn in structured fashion and should provide access to a trainer. If you can do both of these things yourself, you may not need certification. You can undergo the certification tests from SAS directly and get certified.

Hope this helps.



Hi Kunal,
Thanks for your reply.
I forgot to state that I have obtained a 1 - year license for Tableau Desktop and I am learning from the starter kit of Tableau…
I will do my best to obtain SAS university edition.

  1. I guess doing SAS certification would be better than Tableau certification as currently most openings in India are around SAS right?

  2. Have you read the book ‘Behind Every Good Decision’?If YES, what is your opinion regarding it?