Getting 0.0 score on file submission



I’m getting 0.0 score on file submission and already have checked file format for submission also cross validation score that I’m getting is 81% on my model, please suggest something



Did you change the target encoding? To be precise - the submission for Loan Status column should be “Y” or “N”


i have the same question,do you know how to solve?


@kariss Please print the first five lines of your submission file and paste it here


thank you,i know how to do.


Hi @kariss, the purpose of asking you this was to understand what the issue you are facing - and so that the community might help you solve the issue.


Kindly help me I am getting below depreciation error when trying to do inverse tranform

DeprecationWarning: The truth value of an empty array is ambiguous. Returning False, but
in future this will result in an error.
Use array.size > 0 to check that an array is not empty.


kindly help me it is not transforming to Y and N.
Initially it is showing depreciation error, so I have installed numpy version 1.13.3
After that it is showing as below


Hi Rajesh,

Try this code…!

prediction = LogReg.predict(x_test).astype(int)

submission = pd.DataFrame({   
"Loan_ID": test["Loan_ID"],      
"Loan_Status": prediction

submission["Loan_Status"] =
np.where(submission.Loan_Status ==1,"Y","N")
submission.to_csv(“submission.csv', index=False)

Hope it will work…!


Hello rock,

Thank you for your help!!! It is working fine. :slight_smile:

I would like to know the reason why inverse_transform by default is taking Education Values.


Hi Rajesh,
Once check the values after slicing and dicing of your data set. I think you may have selected Education field instead of Loan_ID.


it didn’t work. Can you help me out
here is my code


Hi sai_aashrith,
In your code,you are storing your output in the variable name “predict”.
So, you should change to “Loan_Status”:predict instead of " “Loan_Status”:prediction".

Here is the modified code:

predict = rfcmodel.predict(test1).astype(int)

submission = pd.DataFrame({
“Loan_ID”: test[“Loan_ID”],
“Loan_Status”: predict

submission[“Loan_Status”] =
np.where(submission.Loan_Status ==1,“Y”,“N”)

Hope it will work!!