Getting into Business Analytics


Hi Kunal,

I am normal BA graduate from College of Vocational Studies, DU. I have studied Maths and Statistics till 12th standard. I am very much interested in entering into Analytics Field. I have learnt SAS and basic predictive modelling last year but still struggling to get into analytics. Major drawback I feel is that I am not B.Tech and did not had any maths or economics subject in my graduation.

Please suggest how tough would be for me to get into analytics. Should I retrain myself from more reputed institute. Also, please suggest me what should be my next step and suggest some of the good institutes in Delhi/NCR so that I can retrain myself.

Pushkal Suri


Hi @pushkal13m

First to get in analytics is based on the organisation you will apply to and analytics is broad. Most important what attracts you to analytics should be clear on your side that is perhaps the first question to solve and any company will look for this, and the killer question where are you in Kaggle or any competition. If few words institutions is good but practice such as Kaggle, Vidhya competitions is even better and be ready for this.
Hope this help a little.