Getting into the FIELD



Hi guys ! I’m currently moving to my Final year in U.G .So my college has already started placement training classes (Apptitude etc) . Since I’ve decided to get into a data science career. I would be applying OFF CAMPUS only for my placement.
So are these skills (APTITUDE maths etc) required in interviews related to data science field?
Is this training useful for freshers getting into the field?
Also help me with various rounds(Criteria) of how the interviews are conducted.

Thank You !!!


You need to start from basics of Statistics
later start learning any programming language R or Python.
You should have a good knowldge of mathematics.
Learn different machine learning algorithms from Analyticsvidhya and if time permits go for advance algorithm like NLP,SVM , Naive Bayes etc.
Start wtih predictive modelling and later jump into Prescriptive modelling when you feel confident.