Good analyst and bad analyst



I came across a thought while reading operations research. In general, when u look at the problem(any problem), a good analyst is the one who uses his own technique to solve(according to me). Let’s say, I am solving transportation problem( hope you know it). Since I know the technique(framed by someone else), I will solve it. Here what role I am playing. In fact, nothing. Since I know the technique, I am solving it. So tell me if all the techniques are there, anybody can do the problems. According to me, a good analyst is the one who comes with his own way of solving problems. I am seeing lot of examples around. Somebody has framed the model and people are using it blindly(not everyone). What do you say? I think I am making sense.


The analyst is not doing nothing: he could apply an unsuitable model or make bad judgement calls – the repercussions could be enormous! Don’t underestimate the power of the lowly analyst. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: