Graduate programmes: Analytics vs Science



I am looking to start a career in data science, and about to start a MSc course in either data analysis or data science. the data science course would be the obvious choice, but I was wondering if taking a course in analytics would impede me much in getting data science jobs, especially if i choose topics and modules such as to minimise the difference (machine learning etc). Would these two courses be quite specific to their respective jobs, or does it not particularly matter at this stage (are they similar enough to give a good background for either job)? also, how common and easy is it to switch between analyst and scientist? (I ask because the universities are different, otherwise would just choose the data science course!)


I find that the skills required for Data Science and Data Analytics are very similar. There is a lot of crossover in both. Data Science tends to focus on the bigger picture, looking at data to find patterns, or to determine what questions the data could possibly answer. Data Analytics is more focused on finding actionable answers to specific questions.
Some companies use the terms interchangeably, so you often have to read the specifics of a job description to know what they are looking for.
But in either case, I think you’ll find that the skill sets are similar, and that it is fairly easy to crossover from one to the other with experience under your belt.