Graphical User Interface (GUI) to learn R for beginners



I have 3 years of experience on SAS and want to learn R. For last 2 years, I have been using SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) and I am used to solving problems through a GUI.

I tried learning R through R console as well as Rstudio. While R studio is much better interfcae, I still need to code in R. Is there any graphical user interface I can use to do my operations in R and then learn R interactively by looking at the codes written by the GUI?

Any help would be appreciated.


You can Give Rattle a try. It is available on the CRAN website.

I have not tried it personally, but have heard good reviews about it.



Try “Swirl” Helps learn R in R


I love these three GUIs


R Commander


These three GUIs make R coding very very easy