Need inputs, thoughts about new program from ‘GREAT LAKES BUSINESS ANALYTICS Certificate Program’, link :
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This is Online Program for 6 months but I see Big Data not part of this. As posted in other topic I am looking for mix of MBA plus Analytics program but online as I won’t be able to join classroom training. How does this compare to other online courses, global ones included.



This is one of the interesting offering Great Lakes has come out with. It is online offering from a well known brand.

Since you are looking for a MBA plus analytics program, this can be a good fit. If you are looking from a 6 month MBA program, you should not expect to cover Big Data as part of the curriculum. You should focus on making sure your fundamentals are in place and you are enabled on one of the mainstream tools.

As far as other global programs are considered, there might be programs being run by some US universities. For example, MIT run a Big Data course on edX, which costs ~$600. There might be other options available in form of Udacity Nanodegree and courses run by other institutes.

If you can shoten your consideration set for global programs, I might be more helpful.



Thanks @Kunal for replying. I am looking for more of online MBA + Analytics program, distance education -online as classroom training is not possible, will be moving out of India, be it indian or global program.


@kunal awaiting response.



Until you provide me your judgement criteria like duration, budget / willingness to spend, past experience I won’t be able to help you out.



@kunal I have 10 years experience in DWH and Business Intelligence on IBM Cognos,Oracle, DB2, Unix and know Qlikview also. I am looking for mix of comprehensive MBA plus Analytics program of around 1 year but online as I won’t be able to join classroom training and moving to US anytime. I may get opportunity to move to Big data team also in my company in near future.
Though not duplicate post, I had posted here also short duration analytics course

Also, I m going through this website and in dilemma to study R or Python!!!



Hi Kunal,
Can u plz help me out to which pg course should I take. I have 1.2years work experience in software field n have knowledge in java and sql concepts. I am looking for a part time course wherein I can continue in my current job.
Awaiting for your reply


Hi @adarsh043,

Can you give some more details, such as what are your end goals, the field of expertise, and how interested are you in programming.


I want to switch into data science and have good knowledge n experience in java.


Hi @adarsh043,

Here are a few criteria which you should consider while selecting a pg course.

  • As you said you want to switch to data science, preferably select course which have simple but broad content. The course should be specific to machine learning rather than big data or hadoop.
  • Go for a course which focuses on non-theoretical knowledge, has more practical projects etc.
  • Look for a good ecosystem. This is an important factor, as it does enhance individual’s performance.
  • Recognition in the industry.


Considering praxis as I taught they have fab syllabus and placement stats.