Guidance for embracing deep learning



Hi, as you know the recent trends like deep learning & platforms like tensor flow/keras/pytorch/theano & algorithms like CNN, RNN etc are fast gaining popularity. I would like to upskill myself but confused which area to pick. I mainly work with structured data for analytics applications like customer churn prediction, recommendation engine etc in R/Python & most recently text analytics also. There is hardly any possibility of working with video/audio/image in the near future.
Will you please guide me to pick a learning path in the area of deep learning with a suitable area/platform to match my back ground, keeping in mind of the future scope. I went through a general learning path for deep learning here in AV which was informative indeed but prefer to have a specif one matching my background / skillset.
I am sure many experts here would have passed through transition in their career from Machine Learning to Deep Learning & appreciate any guidance in this regard.

Note: I plan to move out of India in a month or two & have a complete one month left (quit my job) for me to focus on this before I enter the job market there.