Guidance on sequencing data science courses below

Hello ,

my name is lutaaya mudathiru .I am planning to start data science online professional courses at Harvard University, but i don’t know which course should i begin with . I request for help in sequencing these courses below so that i can benefit more:

  1. Principles, Statistical and Computational Tools for Reproducible Science.

2.Data Science: Inference and Modeling.

  1. Data Science: Productivity Tools

4.Data Science: Wrangling

5.Data Science: Linear Regression.

6.Data Science: Machine Learning

7.Data Science: Capstone

  1. Data Science: R Basics


  1. DataScience:Probability.

  2. High-Dimensional Data Analysis

  3. Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra

  4. Data science:Statistics and R

  5. Fat Chance: Probability from the Ground Up

  6. Introduction to Probability (on edX)

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