Guidance to start a career in Analytics



i have a query which many have and are still not clear with at the stage of mine regarding a career in analytics please kindly guide me.

I discussed this with many before posting it here but none could give a solid answer.
Hoping here one.

I am a DB developer with 2 experience in Oracle,sql,pl/sql,my-sql.

I wanted to to become a data scientist and i wanted to start with a career in analytics now(genuinely because it has good market and oppurtunities and also i believe it is a foundation for a data scientist).

My query is i found a lot of analytics tools in the like
TIBCO SPOTFIRE,TABLEAU,SAS,QlikView,Cognos,IBM Analytics,etc.

I am totally confused as to what is the most widely used one in the industry and which one fetches more CTC and job opportunities in India and abroad.

Please guide me @kunal or any Seniors on what/ how to start with?

I will be extremely thankful for the replies.


Hi @GRT,

Tools are just a means to apply the learning of Statistics & Data Mining techniques.
I would advise you not to focus too much on tools and try to learn the basics first.
As a pointer you can start using SAS as it is easier compared to other tools like R,Python,Julia etc.
You can refer to this post by Kunal sir
SAS vs R(Python)

Hope this helps!!


Hi @shuvayan,@kunal

Thanks a lot for the reply and pointing to the post.
It was very useful.
I feel really privileged to hear from industry experts. Thank you for that.

I also request you to please comment on the “6.Job Scenario”(Both India & Abroad) in the article with the present day scenario?

Please excuse me if i am asking too basic details but please understand that i am a novice to data analytics.

I also have a query on how exactly analytics is learnt? i believe that while learning any statistical programming language like R,etc we also parallel need to apply it in a tool like TIBCO/TABLEAU.
If not correct please let me know the correct procedure?
If yes please let me know among TIBCO SPOTFIRE vs Tableau which tool is having more job opportunities(India & Abroad)?


Hi @Manish,@tavish_srivastava

Requesting you if someone could please answer my above query?

Looking forward for your reply.



Hi All,

Could someone from the team please reply to the above query.

@kunal @Manish



I am interested in pursuing the Nanodegree program in Data Analytics by Udacity. What is your review on this particular credential and do companies look beyond your first degree at all ?


Hi Prassh,
I think @Manish or @kunal would be the right persons to answer your query and the one above yours(mine).
Also from my knowledge Nanodegree programs are very much industry oriented and a great to go with if finance is not a constraint.

Companies may not consider it as a full time degree but the knowledge you gained is definitely considered,tested and if you are able to showcase the skill in the interview then it is considered.


Hi @Komal_Prajapati ,@Sunil

I am repatedly requesting to please answer the query in the 3rd reply after shuvayan’s reply.

But none are, please help on this.